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About Indika Communications

We are a 100% black female-owned, 360-degree proudly South African communications agency founded in 2020 during the heart of the global Covid-19 pandemic and is focused on providing MSMEs with professional brand visibility in the market and access to the market.

Meet our Founder aka the Juice Master

Hello I'm Cindy.

I have been helping brands get juiced up for over 15 years. I have been instrumental in a number of large-scale projects including the establishment of the Energy Council of South Africa. I handled the website, public relations, internal messaging, and launch event. I’m ripe and ready to work on your project! 

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Our Daily Grind.

Helping clients say the right thing, at the right time to the right people. 

Social Media Management

Our social media management service is as refreshing as a zesty orange on a hot summer day, revitalising your online presence with a burst of creativity.

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design

Do you need a logo, company profile or flyer?  Think of us as the juiciest graphic designers in your branding basket. Guaranteed to quench your design thirst! 

Graphic Design
Website Development

When it comes to your website, we’re the refreshing splash of citrus in your digital cocktail, crafting user journeys that leaves a lasting, tangy impression.

UI/UX Design

From blogs to articles to reports to company profiles – we will squeeze out fresh content and a tangy twist to your brand.


We peel back the layers of your business or industry complexity and serve you like a refreshing slice of success. We will craft episodes that leave your audience thirsting for more engaging content.


Building newsletters that are vibrant, energising, and guaranteed to add zest to your online client engagement strategy. Every original piece of content is  fresh to the very last drop. 


Whether it be a full-on corporate identity, photography, videography, or corporate clothing – with our magic, your presence will be as fresh as your morning glass of orange juice.


Our Juiciest Articles

Brands should sell Value not products.

A few short years ago marketing used to be the one tactic that businesses couldn’t go without. Why? Because it worked. In today’s world, the industry is so saturated that it has become exceptionally tough for brands to break through the clutter.  So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? A better …

An ex-colleague once told me “perception is reality”. Being an impressionable newbie in the business who still thought she might have a career in corporate, I understood that she was basically giving me a gentle warning to be careful of “career-limiting moves” in the form of disagreeing with the hierarchy. 

The beauty of getting fired.

I was so confident about writing this at the time when the whole thing happened and then as more time passed, shame started to set in. How often has that happened to you? People will often discourage you from speaking about the “shameful” things about your life (in some instances that person is yourself!), and …

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