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 Instead of getting into where I started, I think it’s important to point out where I want to be. This way, we can resonate with each other from the get go. I want to be a leader in the PR industry. I want to be recognised as a communications specialist through my own business. I think we can agree that keeping our eyes on the prize should be front and centre. 😊

While giving all my effort to my full-time career, I decided that it was time to spread my wings. This is when I came to the realisation that building my own business is the way I want to go. I played with the idea for the past three years and finally, the dream took off. Juggling both is no easy task, and added to that, being a brand-new mum made it even more challenging. But I take it all in my stride and I make it work every day. 

Talking about being a mum, I am the mum of a four-month-old baby girl, Aleyna. Now, keep in mind this business took off when I was still pregnant. Carrying the weight of my daughter, no pun intended, the desire to make our business take off, and my current full-time job, all came as a package deal. 

I know that the life of an entrepreneur will no doubt come with myriad challenges but I also know what my strengths are and what I’m best at. That’s where I push myself to achieve more. I never wait to “see what happens”. My future is what I make of it. I believe that all good comes to those who ask for it and most importantly, work hard for it. 

When you reach that point where you can say that you have settled, that’s the moment you have failed. Never stop challenging yourself; you can always do better than when you think you have done your best.