Becoming a mum has taught me many things, but the biggest challenge I have to get through daily is managing my role as a mum and working a full-time job. For us women, it certainly doesn’t stop there. What about chores and errands? There is so much more to consider. 

Here are a few tips that help me get through my busy week. 

1. Make use of quiet time

I find that when my daughter is asleep, that is the best time for me to quickly run through my to-do list and get as much done as I can. I know how long she sleeps for and about how long each item on my list takes, so I tackle the priority items first.

2. Running a business means working on weekends too!

When you are a business owner, the days of having quiet relaxing weekends are over and can feel more like two extra weekdays! I love this though and because I love it, I know this is what I want to do. Make the most out of your weekends. You may find that you have extra help on a weekend such as your partner, for example, being home from work so they can take the kids off your hands. Maximise this time. I know you are tired, I am too, but if you put enough time into your work during the day, you can have the evening and night off. Don’t forget to play! Plan your time well so you can still get in that morning jog or yoga lesson. Without self-care, you’ll soon burn out.  

3. It’s ok to be a night owl

For many people, working at night is more productive. It’s a time when everything around you has shut down and the kids are asleep. You can get a lot done in less time because there are fewer distractions. It works, trust me. If you sleep at a good time, you can still get your six to eight hours of sleep and be fresh to take on the next day.

4. Take the break when you need it

Overworking yourself can only cause you to become drained and lack in your work. When you feel you are tired or need to step away, do it. For instance, when I get onto my laptop in the morning, I prioritise a few items. When my daughter starts wanting my attention, I stop and give it to her. Once she is settled, I am back at it. It didn’t cause me to lose much time and that break helped me to reboot. Remember, stepping away from your laptop doesn’t mean that you got less done compared to someone who never leaves their desk. 

I hope these tips help you out a bit, mums! It’s not easy to walk this journey but once you find your rhythm – wow, what a ride! 

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