I am sure you are wondering why I am placing silver lining and Covid-19 in the same sentence. Well, in my view Covid-19 has opened many doors for me – personally and professionally! 

I gave birth to my first daughter in June, in the heart of the pandemic. And when I say that to people, they tend to look at me with shock and often ask how I did it. Although there were a few protocols, it was a pretty standard procedure. 

This was my first silver lining. Usually, when you have a baby, you have an influx of visitors and loved ones coming over and before you know it, your brand-new baby is going from hand to hand, and generation-dependent, from kiss to kiss. The one thing I enjoyed the most was that I got to spend every second with her by myself. Of course, my husband was there too but we got to bond with her in a way that most families don’t always get. Deep down, even if you want that alone time when you get home from the hospital, you can’t stop anyone from coming around… unless you are in the middle of a pandemic.

The next door that opened for me was starting my business with my partner. Lockdown brought a lot of devastation for many people, especially job-related. Given that communications are not a job that needs you to be based in an office, we were able to kick-start our business during the lockdown and the opportunity to assist clients who needed comms during this time. 

This is entirely my experience but I hope that it can bring inspiration to others who feel alone during this pandemic. Although the light at the end of the tunnel seems close by, we still have a long way to go. Choose to see the many benefits of being at home. What is happening around you that you will never get again when life goes back to the way it was? 

In your career, what have you done differently or what can you change today that will give you a boost to get to where you want to be tomorrow?

It is never too late and now more than ever, we are in a time where anything is possible. Make the most of it so that when things do go back to “normal”, you want to look back and say I ACHIEVED THAT at one of the most difficult times the world has ever seen.

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