I was so confident about writing this at the time when the whole thing happened and then as more time passed, shame started to set in. How often has that happened to you?

People will often discourage you from speaking about the “shameful” things about your life (in some instances that person is yourself!), and the older I become the more I think that it is a projection of one’s own inability to embrace that which shapes them, than it is about the actual life event. Vulnerability isn’t for the weak. I’ll admit, I feel like throwing up a little as I write this.

I put off writing the article while seeking vindication for the dismissal through the legal system. Alas vindication was not to be found, much to my utter disappointment. Until, that is, my very good friend Ron told me: “Even innocent people go to jail”. Settle down, the reason for my dismissal was not nearly jail-worthy… Ron’s analogy merely means that not getting what you deserve doesn’t mean that you deserve it any less.

We all have defining moments in our lives. Moments that have changed the course of our lives forever and this was definitely one of mine. I could sink or swim and while I don’t enjoy swimming very much, I was not about to sink. I don’t want to pretend that I got out of that ordeal on my own. I was supported by some pretty incredible people. My friends and family came through for me like the champions that they are, and I will always be eternally grateful.  

So here we are. Me telling the story I’ve only shared with those in my close circle. Is this a career-limiting move? Well, for some people it probably would be. But I don’t believe that. In fact, I believe in the abundance of opportunities and that everything that is meant for me will not escape me. My success and prosperity doesn’t come from the world. The world is but a vehicle.

Okay, back to how getting fired was one of the best things to happen to me.. Since that fateful day (lol!), actually, long before that fateful day… while I was introspecting on my divorce, the entrepreneurial seed was planted. I knew I wanted (and needed!) to be the determiner of my own income. That’s where it started. That intention has grown exponentially since then. Ironically, it turned out to be a vision far greater than myself that moved me in to action.

Indika Communications, co-founded with my business partner Ashmika Naidoo, came into existence as a side hustle when South Africa was in Level 5 lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We identified a gap in the market – small businesses, the pulse of the economy, was suffering tremendously. We asked ourselves what we could do to help this, using our skills and resources. And so our business was born.

I’m sure you must be curious as to what happened. How did I lose my job? At the time, I was still full-time employed at my previous employer. My then-boss initially agreed to the side hustle but then did a complete u-turn and took the most extreme measure. It was so scary as a single mother. I never wanted to risk my income and security for the side hustle. Let alone during Covid! I panicked and cried for one and a half days straight. After that, I decided it was fine. It was all good and that I am where I was meant to be. I got up at it and threw myself full-time into the business. And I have never looked back.

What I got and am still getting since starting my own business blows my mind daily. My courage, confidence, creativity and optimism is on an upward trajectory. I unearthed skills I didn’t know I possessed, and it is those exact things that sets me apart and set me up for success. Go figure! What was meant to harm me has yet to harm me.

Embarking on (or rather being kicked into) this journey at the tender age of 36 has made me care less and the societal achievement timelines. It’s liberated me in more ways than one. I’m more generous, have a greater appetite for risk en ‘n groter lus vir die lewe (if you know what I mean). I’ve met more interesting people in this time than I would’ve otherwise. I’ve challenged myself more and gone further. I suppose this is how it is when you’re living in your purpose, right?

Entrepreneurship has been nothing short of a faith walk for me. Or should I say faith hike? I’m enjoying every step. The peaks, the valleys, the fellow hikers, the snakes, the views, the early mornings, the tears and grounding, the exhilaration and patience. The joy… The pure joyyyyyy!

A lot of things weren’t supposed to work out but did.

And a lot of things were supposed to work out but didn’t.

I am proud of my story. It is mine and I trust the plan for my life.

The reason it happened wasn’t as important as the purpose. The purpose was to channel me to where I needed to be because I was clearly not mustering up the will to do it by myself. So I got a lil “nudge”, if you will. This massive life event, sans savings I might add, has delivered me to my purpose. How can I be mad at that?

My hope with sharing this is that someone will be inspired to relook an unfortunate situation and see how it can serve them. I am 100% certain that all the detours are divinely designed especially for your life. Your perspective on it will be the determining factor on what happens next.

Cheers to a future of us all living while we’re alive.

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